Wednesday, October 31, 2007


One of MY favorite exercises, the hanging leg raise, really does the job! I think I'm talking mostly men here, as women typically don't have the upper body strength for this, but some do I'm sure.

Start out by just grasping the bar and then lifting your knees to your chest. (I always finish up this way after doing the straight-legged version). Then, when you've progressed for awhile, do them like John e. Peterson (aged 55 years- just like me! ) does in this video- straight up and over your head! Although I would recommend doing fewer and slower... (more intense that way).

But hey, that's just me.

Do these maybe once or at most twice per week. Very intense! Just like chin ups, pull-ups, and other full range, isotonic-style exercises- you need to rest and rebuild.

But the beauty of isometrics is... you can do them every day. They actually rejuvenate, and energize you-I'm not kidding here- and the inroad they incur into the muscle group exercised is minimal enough, that daily training is no problem.

I've got to get some pictures of isometrics you can do daily here, online. But the best versions I've seen so far are in the book by John e. Peterson called Pushing Yourself to Power.

it's even spiral bound for easy reference while exercising.

Highly recommended!