Monday, August 16, 2010

Statins- Just say NO!

Check out, again the "Livin' La vida LOW carb" show, with Jimmy Moore!

I have heard several guests on his show lately, who all go into a litany of the evils of statin drugs!

Muscle wasting,
joint pain,
Liver damage....

and the list goes on and on!

Why would
you take a drug, to mitigate a condition (High cholesterol), that is a fiction in terms of heart health??

High cholesterol does
not mean that your are unhealthy in any way.

The medical establishment is on a blind endorsement of the Ancil Keye's bogus study, from the middle of the last century, that posited that saturated fat was the sole cause of heart disease...

He fudged the data, "losing" parts of it that didn't fit his theory,
and set us all up for 50 years of bad nutritional advice!!

Bottom line:

Butter is good. Corn oil is BAD!

Real food is good. Industrial food is BAD!

Lean meats, seafood, eggs, and nuts are good.

Sugar, grains (YES- EVEN "WHOLE GRAINS") are BAD! REALLY BAD!!!

Legumes are BAD!! Beans are BAD FOR YOU!! (This includes peanut butter!)

Sugar equals flour. Potatoes equal sugar. Both are sheer poison. Don't eat them for the rest of your life, except when you ocassionally want to "kick up your heels".

Then, get right back "on the wagon"!


Real fat is good. Industrial fat is bad.