Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Juice Drink Strategy Part 3

The Juice Drink Strategy Part 2

The juice drink Strategy video- part 1

HOW to make a juice drink as outlined in "The Juice Drink Strategy" by Jay Bowers

Sports versus Exercise

Many, if not most people, assume that those fit, lean folks they see participating in sports achieved that level of fitness by playing sports...

No- by developing a fit body, you gain the type of body that performs well at most any sport. But, this body is attained by (you guessed it!):

Proper diet (which is most readily achieved by following the Juice Drink Strategy!),

Proper exercise (Tranformetrics).

Once you have transformed your body utilizing this strategy, why then you certainly can use it to participate in sports activities, which may slightly elevate certain aspects of your fitness. But, in general, sports primarily are for recreation!

The above is a photo of me recreating

To recap: Exercise is hard, and repetitive, to produce results.

Sports are fun.

There is a huge difference between the two activities!

The above
photo is of me "recreating" at the Chicago Board of Trade this summer, courtesy of brother JEFF!