Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Designer Jeans- Designer Pickups- Designer President"

Here is daughter Holly in our new/old Mustang- a REAL sports car! Nothing fancy, but CLASSIC!

I was thinking how we have gotten away from our roots: remember when a pickup truck was...
A TRUCK? Not a crazy, rather ugly vehicle that cost more than a luxury sedan?
Somewhere along the line, the humble, utilitarian pickup morphed into a ...designer pickup.

Like blue jeans: completely utilitarian, functional, and yet, somehow, cool for all that.
Along came designer, useless, ugly, ripped/distressed and decorated, all for MORE than the cost of fine dress pants!!

I saw in a car magazine, a reproduction of the 1966 fastback Mustang... looked great! *Just like the original"!

The only drawback: the new version had a "designer" brand NEW interior: engine, transmission, interior- all "state-of-the-art". $150,000 dollars...

A "designer" version of a classic sports car!

We have gone down the wrong (designer) superhighway: too much luxury, too much needless cost, too many "gew-gaws"!

And now, I'm afraid, we have even elected a...DESIGNER PRESIDENT!

Looks the part, acts the part,(superficially), and costs way more than any president, ever!

Like a classic pickup, he looks like a truck, kind of. But he is loaded down with frills, and appears unable to actually handle any real load of work!!

Sorry, but I am calling this like I see it.