Monday, June 14, 2010

Love song to a new/old John Deere Tractor!

Mood altering drugs- just say NO!

We've reached the point where almost EVERYone, especially women (why women, I don't know, but it is the case!)- are taking mood altering drugs!

Depression is endemic, and DRUGS seem to be... the answer!

I heard Dean Edell this morning on the radio, and he made a good point:

Depression is there for a REASON:

If you are depressed, there is probably a REASON in your life to CHANGE!

Otherwise, you wouldn't BE depressed!

He went on to relate that, early on in his medical practice, HE was depressed...

and so, he went on to CHANGE his life, and eventually to become a radio Doctor, which he LOVES!!

My point is that, many people who are depressed, are that way because...


They need to change:

Their life's goals! (Not unusual- if you think MONEY is the answer to all problems, THIS MEANS YOU!!

Their DIET! This is a real problem in the modern, Western world- our diet is about as bad as it can be! Almost NO fruits, vegetables, lean meats and seafood, and TONS of:

Potatoes, processed foods, Omega 6 fats, almost NO green vegetables, LOTS of sugar, and it's TWIN- FLOUR!...

As a regular reader of Vintage Health you know the drill:

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is horrible!!

Depression is the way our body tells us that... IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!!

If we just take DRUGS; why, we won't change- we'll just "keep on as usual" doing all the WRONG things LIFESTYLE-WISE, and let the DRUGS make us happy!!

What's the answer??

Examine your life. Are you depressed for a good reason?

Or, are you priorities SKEWED?? IF they are, maybe THAT'S why you're depressed!

Change might very well be in order! If so:

Change your DIET- lean meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables!!

Exercise: This is a must- it doesn't have to be drastic. 15 minutes per day, ala Transformetrics will do for a start. Concentrate on "flexing" ala Visualized resistance, and the "mobility" drill... Then, add pushups, situps and hindu squats.

You will be GOLDEN!! Anything additional is GRAVY!!

Quite frankly, "Everything we Need to Know We learned in Grade School" rings true...

Bodyweight exercises, lots of fruits and vegetables, God and Country first, and work hard!

THAT is the mantra for all time!!

Who would have guessed??

The Mayberry Mantra was RIGHT ON, DUDE!!

Lose the drugs. Face reality. Eat right. Exercise hard. WORK hard, but keep it in perspective. Realize that YOU aren't as important as:

God, Country, of Family!

We are only here to SERVE!

That's all you need to know.

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