Saturday, July 31, 2010

A bountiful Barbarian/Paleo feast!

Here I am yesterday evening, after grilling a Barbarian diet feast of grilled, barbecue chicken, hot Italian sausages, mushrooms, and a LOT of sauerkraut! All hot off the grill- YUM!!

We ate the chicken last night, along with big salads, and I split the sausage/mushroom/sauerkraut into two tupperware containers for two lunches at work- I just heat them up in an available microwave, and eat really well! For desert, I have my usual container of frozen raspberries, topped with real whipped cream, sweetened with stevia and/or cinammon.

I have been enjoying two podcasts daily at work lately:

The Paleolithic Solution, and the Living La Vida LowCarb Show with Jimmy Moore.

Both are highly recommended!! You will really learn so much; the diet info we have all been taught for so long is utter and complete hogwash!!

Low fat,
high carb, processed foods preferred... this is why our population in the modern, Western world is now fatter, sicker, more diseased, and depressed than we have ever been! This is progress??

Eat a barbarian diet- meats, seafood, eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Full fat cream, grass fed butter, full fat cheese... NO GRAINS or potatoes! No sugar! And no "diet" sweeteners and sodas!!

And, for the ultimate solution, start your day with a Barbarian Juice Drink, made in your Vitamix blender!

You won't be hungry- you won't be thirsty- and you will look and feel fantastic!

It really is that simple!

And for exercise?

That's just as simple, but I'll save it for later. Just remember:

80% of your body composition is determined by nutrition-

Exercise is the rest of the equation. Critical in importance, but very small in proportion.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paleo/Barbarian/Primal lifestyle Me in my 32' Jeans at 58 years

I have had great results from the Barbarian/Paleo diet/ lifestyle! As have those around me: BUT, I am concerned about the USDA recent food pyramid, that recommends (drum roll!) that 60% of your diet be CARBOHYDRATES!!

This is sick, sad, and just a way to sell out to organized agricultural food product manufacturers...

There, I've said it.

If a caveman dropped by your "pad", and saw your Pizza, doritos, and maybe a twinkie for dessert...

HE WOULD NOT recognize any of the above as even being FOOD!

The bottom line?

Just eat:
Lean meats
Seafood (sardines are ideal!)
vegetables (whipped up in the vitamix along with your
Fruits! is ideal!

Grains, especially wheat, rye and barley are VERBOTEN!!

Anti nutrients galore- leading to a cascade of hormones that violate your gut, and invade your bloodstream... NO ONE needs this!!

Who wants the options of PROSTATE CANCER, arthritis, BALDNESS, heart disease, and the endless litany of all the diseases that Syndrome X, the diseases of modern civilization/diet have to offer??


Barbarians of yore ate vegetables, meat, fruit, full-fat, raw dairy as milk and cheese....

Do you likewise!!

Leave the bread, even the BLACK bread, on the table!

(But be sure to put the butter, grass fed cow butter, on your vegetables!!)