Friday, March 6, 2009

New/Old 1965 Mustang in the Vintage Home!

I think I should post more on this blog- more "human interest" type stuff... just because! Health and fitness are not ALL of life- I mean, old Mustangs are important as well!

We got this car for Jane; she deserves a little something for putting up with:
the cats
the neighbors and friends (especially PAUL!)
global warming (HA HA!)

She has wanted "Sally", (Mustang Sally), ever since she was 12 at the NY World's Fair! FINALLY she has her "heart's desire": me.
Wrong: a 1965 Mustang, in Wimbledon White. Perfect in every way. Like me..


I always want vehicles that... are utilitarian! When I got my John Deere 650 tractor, I loved it so much,(since it could DO so much!), I thought, what could I get to drive around on roads, that would be just like it??

I bought a 1962 Ford F100 truck first. A dream come true! It could do so much WORK! And looked really cool- like Lassie's Dad's truck!

THEN, I bought a 1970 Jeep cj5. Even MORE tractor-like! And I could ride it around on my acreage, and pull a trailer, and accomplish real work!! COOL!!

much later, I thought: "What would Jane want?"

would not want anything "utilitarian"... for whatever reason, women desire cute, not ute.

I finally have it all figured out:

Men want what will accomplish the work goals they have set:
Saving money, plowing fields, mowing, getting around in bad weather, hauling heavy loads.
Kind of a Dwight Shrute short-list...

Women, by and large, want:

A Flying Carpet!

it should also make them look good!

Kind of a tall order; but a 1965 Mustang (in Wimbledon White, preferably) fills the bill.

It "flies"them around, wherever they want to go- and enroute, they are "looking good!", they are aged, yet classically beauteous, and young guys are fascinated by their means of transport!!

A 1965 Mustang is a Magic Carpet!

I think I've proved my point!