Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you suffer from... EYEFLOATERS??

If so, here is your solution, my friend!

I have come across a site-

If "floaters" have become an issue for you, go there now!

The key is in recognizing what is the true problem- and this e-book addresses that, admirably!
Do NOT consider surgery, either minor or major- this little e-book tells you just WHAT you need to do to regain your sanity, and your clear vision.

I would recommend this e-book to ANYONE who has an issue with "floaters" in their vision!

This is the real deal: if you need to solve this problem, go this route!

And ignore all others...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ideal Weight and Total Fitness,the barbarian diet with your Vitamix!

Again, I have to stress "The Barbarian Diet"! - Meat, vegetables, fruits,natural fats, and minimal dairy-whole grains-beer/wine.

Let's say you are a typical modern American, eating the diet that goes along with it:

BAD! (refined carbohydrates, i.e. "sugar", corn syrup i.e. "sugar", soda, i.e. "sugar", fast food, i.e. "mainly sugar"...

These all cause the "diseases of civilization"- heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.
If you eat "sugar", aka "refined carbohydrates", you stimulate an insulin response, and this is what triggers future cravings for...

refined carbohydrates/sugar!

and endless, negative (for you health!) cycle.

You get the idea! And whenever you make breakfast at home, you make... PANCAKES!! (I know I used to!) Can you say... SUGAR!!! On STEROIDS!!!

And you think you should eat healthier, so you eat bagels, (without butter or cream cheese, since that's the bad part!), and eat pasta for supper, since that is SO healthy!!

You want to know what you SHOULD be eating?

Lean meats. Vegetables! LOTS!! Eggs. Natural Fats, like butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc..
As many fruits as you can!! And, a minimal amount of whole grains, like oatmeal, whole wheat bread... even these are not that great-

Just eat meat, vegetables, fruit, and eggs!! Dairy is OK too- this is in the whole grain category- minimal is best!

"But Jay!" you protest. "This is too hard to acheive!"

"Au Contraire!", I retort Frenchily.

Just eat(or DRINK!) one, and preferably TWO meals per day from you Vitamix blender!

I have begun taking a FRUIT drink for breakfast, and a VEGGIE drink for lunch!


orange juice, milk, frozen mixed fruits, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen spinach, yogurt blueberries or mixed berries, (optional)flax oil about 2 tsp..

Vitamix for a few minutes. Drink.

You will NOT be hungry until lunch! (trsut me!)


tomato juice, milk, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen spinach or collards, cottage cheese, (optional) spirulina aka blue-green algae.

Vitamix for a few minutes. Drink.

You will not be hungry until supper!


Preferably, GRILL a large chunk of fish and/or meat! Do the same with as many vegetables as you want, as long as they grow ABOVE ground.... (potatoes fall in the same category as whole grains, and dairy- OK, but .... minimal.)

Now, kick back over a campfire, preferably! Crack some beers (this is the Barbarian diet, hey!), and do a few sets of pushups! When someone tries to toast marshmallows, why, slap that horned helmet over your head and FIGHT THEM!! (Use that toaster fork, or green twig!)

Decadence will NOT be allowed around... THE BARBARIAN DIET!!