Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moms and kids love Vita-Mix green smoothies

Here is a Vitamix Youtube to show you what I'm talking about below- especially pay attention to what she says about the Vitamix "rupturing the cell walls", releasing maximum nutrition.


The Vitamix meal replacement plan for total health! The Barbarian Diet mainstay!

How can you EASILY get all the recommended (and MORE!) servings of fruits and vegetables you need each day, all the easily assimilated protein and vitamins as well, and lose weight and lay the foundation you need for optimum health?

And save money, too?

Simple. Just make one meal per day with a Vitamix high powered blender, liquifying fruits, vegetables, and either eggs, Greek yogurt, and/or cottage cheese along with a little green tea.  I have started refining the process, adding more in the way of spices and herbs, slices of lemon, apple cider vinegar, kefir- the list goes on...  It's all detailed in my first eBook Paleo Quick Start!  Here it is on Amazon, it's also available on iTunes, and Barnes and Noble, and everywhere else, really...

Each morning, I put about a cup or so of green or white tea, and about a cup of yogurt, a couple of raw eggs,  mixed frozen fruits, mixed frozen vegetables, and one peeled orange, and all the rest...

That is it- and if I drink it for breakfast, I am not hungry at all until lunch time... and I mean not at all- no cravings, no desire for empty carbohydrates of the white flour/corn syrup ilk- none!

I believe it is because all of my bodily needs are being met- for most of us, this means they are being met for the first time in our lives!

Our modern, refined flour based diet is that bad...

Anyway, continue on this Vitamix meal replacement diet indefinitely- trust me; soon, you will NOT want to miss a day of having your Vitamix "meal"- they make that much of a difference in how you feel, and function!

Usually, I have my Vitamix meal in two tupperware one quart containers at lunch, and have eggs for breakfast, perhaps with a peeled orange or grapefruit and tea. I always look forward to being "energized" and, as I like to think of it, totally "sated"-no desires for any more food, my body feeling fully fueled! It really is that strong of a feeling!

If you need to lose weight- all you need to do is replace this one meal with a Vitamix meal- you will lose weight.

If you need to gain weight (i.e. muscle), this will do that as well- just add Perfectly Paleo Exercise to the mix daily as well. (This will also help you to LOSE weight, so add it regardless- Paleo Exercise is the Vitamix of exercise!)

AND, if you REALLY want to lose weight and gain health...

(AND save money and time!)...

Try the Vitamix TWO meal replacement plan for SUPER health and maximum leanness!

More on the second meal of the day later... right now, concentrate of Vitamix breakfast!