Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Quest Protein Bars!

Click the link, and get two free, postpaid protein bars! I heard about this deal on the Jimmy Moore "Livin' la vida low carb" podcast- I highly recommend this podcast! Jimmy is a thoroughly engaging host, and the guests he has are the best in the low-carb field.

So, now just what am I eating in the photo, and why do I look so happy?

I have bacon and eggs, the eggs being "basted" in the bacon fat... I also have my trademark barbarian juice drink as a chaser, and espresso with real whipped cream atop.

Of course I look happy!

"But Jay", I hear you asking frantically "Isn't all that fat and cholesterol really bad for you?"

In a word, no.

And, I don't eat like this every day- this is a relaxing Sunday morning. I did my "DVR" or dynamic visualized exercises earlier, did my Hindu back-bridging, and some self-resisted exercises as well as some stretching. Then, shower and breakfast! I won't need to eat until supper- I'll sip my barbarian concoction throughout the afternoon as I feel the urge, giving me all the fruits and vegetables (and fluids!) I'll need for the day, and in the late afternoon I"ll fire up the grill for chicken thighs and drumsticks!

I heard another guest on Jimmy Moore's show yesterday, an ex-vegetarian or vegetard as I like to call them ala Robb Wolf of the Paleolithic Solution podcast; she pointed out that, since most folks want boneless, skinless chicken breasts, the price of those cuts are much higher priced, and since these same people avoid dark meat, like thighs and drumsticks, these superior cuts are very cheap! So, be advised.

Also, I have been going strictly body-weight in my exercises for quite a while now, ala John Peterson and Mark Sisson. But I have added barefoot sprinting as M. Sisson recommends, and rigged up a suspension trainer in the yard, over a tree branch, from some straps that I had laying around- I"ll post some pictures of that this afternoon, if it stops raining!

Also, I plan to do sets of pullups downstairs later, and also want to add some power rack exercises, pushing on the pins with a bar in the rack, working on multiple levels with isometric stops...

Looks like a fun day!