Friday, October 23, 2009

The Perfect Diet-

NO bread, NO pasta, NO sugar, and ALL you can EAT of lean meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables!

I just returned from my annual Doctor exam at Gundersen Clinic...

ALL systems GO!

My Doctor wondered at my continual weight LOSS, year after year. Virtually ALL of his other patients GAIN fat, year after year.

I explained that each morning, I pour frozen mixed fruits, frozen mixed vegetables, yogurt, ground flax seed, one peeled banana and one peeled orange into a large, stainless steel Vitamix blender container. Next, I add orange juice and (whole) milk, and blend the whole thing up!

A small thing, you might think...

BUT, with this concoction-

I (and my wife!) have had more than the recommended 5 daily portions of fruits and vegetables!! AND had a high protein breakfast to boot!!

Not only did I make my breakfast, and my wife's, in about 5 minutes or less...

I also ensured our health for the day, and for many days thereafter!

I feel
really strongly about this: eat like this- follow The Juice Drink Strategy, be a "Barbarian Diet" advocate, (Lean meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and some dairy and eggs).

DO NOT follow the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.: Flour, sugar, fast food)

You will not believe the difference in your health, outlook, concentration, appearance- you name it!! This truly is the answer to most of modern life's ills!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Quote from the Paleo diet website- Right On!!

Our genome was conditioned and shaped by environmental selective pressures that occurred long before the Agricultural Revolution. Since the appearance of our genus Homo, more than 2 million years ago, there have been at least 100,000 generations. Since the Agricultural Revolution of 10,000 years ago there have been only 500 human generations. Our genome simply has had insufficient time to adapt to the foods ushered in during the Neolithic (fatty meats, dairy products, whole grains and salty foods).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Egg White Protein Powder!

In The Juice Drink Strategy, I have long been searching for the ideal protein source.

As you know, protein is extremely important in achieving an ideal diet... in your daily juice drink, you already add yogurt, perhaps milk, and of course even the fruits and vegetables add some protein, since their cell walls are so disrupted that all of the available nutrients are readily available for your body to use!

But now, I have found the perfect source of natural, completely absorbable protein!

Egg white protein powder is the perfect solution! Not only is it a perfect, healthy, absorbable form of protein with NO fat, NO sugar- NOTHING you don't want, and everything that you do!

And, this powder is very inexpensive, and even cheaper than buying whole eggs!!
(And with none of the fat!)

I use roughly two heaping tablespoons per juice drink as outlined in The Juice Drink Strategy default juice drink.

I even have resourced a great source of this wonder-food:

Rose Acre Farms- you can even order it through me, at a discount!

2 lb.- $23 Postpaid

5 lb.- $45 Postpaid (a good option- 5 lbs. lasts a long time!)

10 lb. $78.50 Postpaid

Just email me, or call, and I'll order it for you at this discounted price!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hippocrates quote

"Let your food be medicine, and your medicine be food!"

This quote is as true now as it ever was-

Of course, exercise and deep breathing also figure into this equation.

The Juice Drink Strategy should be your first step!

Psychological benefits of the Juice Drink Strategy

The psychological benefits of The Juice Drink Strategy or the barbarian diet are another facet that bears further thought:

If you are receiving perfect, total nutrition...

Don't you think your mental state will benefit, ALONG WITH your physical appearance and strength??

of course! It just makes sense- just as, in the above photo, I am doing a "wheeled pushup", which most 57 year old (or 27 year olds!) could not do one of which! And so, my physical self is in far better condition that average....(I routinely do 10 +).

In like manner, I'm sure my mental state is much more tranquil, than someone who eats the typical American/Western "junk food" diet. (Bread, pasta, twinkies, cheeto's, etc.)

The brain and psyche are intimately connected with the body...

which is intimately connected with the diet!

And exercise, but that is another post...

Which comes first: "the diet or the exercise?"

They are so inter-related! We need both!

Questions about the Juice Drink Strategy

Jay, just have a quick questionok, 2 quick questions..

1. My husband takes his lunch every day.if we shouldnt use white bread, is the whole wheat any better?

      If we drink the juice in the morning, what can he have for lunchif I pack like fruit he doesnt take time for lunch, he eats as he is driving.hes not happy about giving up his bag of fritos, but he and I are going to try this starting next week.(I am so excited) I decided to slowly change our eating habits , well in his case anyway..

2. Can I make the juice drink in the morning and keep it in the refrigerator or in my husband's case in his cooler till we drink it at lunch or is it better to make it and drink it immediately? In which case I will have to come up with something for Dave for lunch.(see question 1)

I am already doing aerobics, yoga and walking 2 miles at least 2 times a week, but will look into the isometric exercisesthose may help my husband as he has arthritis in his knee and exercises arent helpingthe damage to the muscle thing I read about in your book yes I did read it alreadyas soon as I finally got home yesterday I sat on my deck (relaxed) and read it.


I'm glad you are enthusiastic! That is one-half of the battle!

1. I also eat while I am driving! I will drink my juice drink, in small 16 oz. plastic tupperware containers, as I drive. I just drink as I'm hungry... After I drink my juice drinks, I am definitely NOT hungry!

2. As for keeping the juice drinks in the cooler til lunch- that's what I do! Nothing is lost by that, although I do keep a "freezer pack" in the cooler to keep it cool!

As for other lunch ideas:

I always have a lunch bag full of almonds, and/or walnuts! It's amazing how filling these are, and how incredibly nutritious! No guilt!

Just today, I tried the "cold shish-kebab". I cut up a grilled, boneless pork chop from last Sunday, cut up onions and green peppers, and put it all in a plastic sandwich bag. ( I ate as I drove- just great!)


AND very filling!

As for exercise, there is no substitute for the exercises!

The key is in controlled flexing throughout the movements. Flex to what you feel is about 80% of your hardest flex! (Your limbs should shake!)

It doesn't take long; and, for me, first thing in the morning is by far the best!

VERY safe, and VERY efffective. More can be added later, as desired...


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great article by Charles Atlas on fitness for the average man!

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Charles Atlas was a genius- fitness has taken a nose-dive since he left the scene.

These exercises are a natural complement to The Juice Drink Strategy!

How to do the Juice Drink Stragegy... WITHOUT the juice drink!

Lots of folks tell me

"Jay, I'd love to try The Juice Drink Strategy to garner the weight loss and health benefits, but I just don't want to spend money to buy a Vitamix blender, darn you!"

I sympathize- It's hard to invest in something, when you don't know absolutely that your results will pay off!

Let me tell you now: they will! In a big way!! You would pay thousands of dollars if you could experience, beforehand, just how you would feel and look after following the prescriptions outlined in The Juice Drink Strategy!

But, there is a way to "preview" the advantages, without spending a cent!

Firstly, just cut out all carbohydrates from flour products: (chips, bread, snack foods, etc.)

Next, resolve to eat a Barbarian Diet:

Lean meats and seafood in unlimited amounts

Fruits and vegetables in unlimited amounts

Dairy products and eggs and nuts (excluding cashews and peanuts!) in reasonable amounts...
Actually, probably more than you currently eat! (3 or more eggs per day is not unreasonable).

Check out this excellent blogsite for great recipes:

If you follow these instructions, you will gain about 60-70% of the benefits derived from following The Juice Drink Strategy to the letter! And, that is way better than what you are probably achieving with the average Western diet...

The downsides will be only that it is far less convenient, more work, and of course the results will be somewhat less...

But still, it is a great starting place!!

Follow the Barbarian diet, without the Vitamix for a while!

The results will speak for themselves. And the results will convince you!!

in postscript, I hasten to add that you should NOT neglect the exercise portion of The Juice Drink Strategy!

Go to www.

These are the basic DVR, or Dynamic Visualized Resistance exercises that you should begin doing on a daily (or near-daily) basis!

There is your "free" preview of the results you will achieve when following The Juice Drink Strategy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Juice Drink Strategy Part 3

The Juice Drink Strategy Part 2

The juice drink Strategy video- part 1

HOW to make a juice drink as outlined in "The Juice Drink Strategy" by Jay Bowers

Sports versus Exercise

Many, if not most people, assume that those fit, lean folks they see participating in sports achieved that level of fitness by playing sports...

No- by developing a fit body, you gain the type of body that performs well at most any sport. But, this body is attained by (you guessed it!):

Proper diet (which is most readily achieved by following the Juice Drink Strategy!),

Proper exercise (Tranformetrics).

Once you have transformed your body utilizing this strategy, why then you certainly can use it to participate in sports activities, which may slightly elevate certain aspects of your fitness. But, in general, sports primarily are for recreation!

The above is a photo of me recreating

To recap: Exercise is hard, and repetitive, to produce results.

Sports are fun.

There is a huge difference between the two activities!

The above
photo is of me "recreating" at the Chicago Board of Trade this summer, courtesy of brother JEFF!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canada's Food Guide does NOT Apply to Everyone!

Grain intolerance...

Grains are BAD! Meat, fruits, and vegetables! That is IT!

Thank you very much...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Juice Drink Strategy- the final solution!

So, you've gotten a Vitamix blender... made few drinks for yourself, and maybe your family!
"Once begun, half done!" as they say.

But now, you need to make it a habit- only by regular, daily usage can you gain the incredible, life-changing results you desire! It takes 28 days to ingrain a lifelong habit.

Resolve to start now!

Set up all al your equipment, tonight.
Make sure your Vitamix is clean, and ready to go.
Make sure you have all of your "ingredients" in the refrigerator:

Orange juice, milk, yogurt, frozen mixed fruits, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen spinach, frozen berries...

Ideally, you will also have:

Ground flax meal, whey or egg-white protein powder, a banana and an orange all ready to peel!

In the morning, if all of this is ready, it is so easy to get into the routine of :

ADDING all of the ingredients by the fridge, then progressing over to the counter and adding in the flax meal and protein, and then peeling the orange and banana and adding them in as well...

By now, you are ready to start Vitamix-blending!

Start on low for a few seconds, and then power it to high!!

Leave the room
, since it does get loud. Check your email.... turn on CNBC... then return.

The linchpin of your diet- 99% of the nutrition you need, and the built-in appetite suppressants that come free of charge are now available for you to ingest, in a fruity-tasting beverage that you will come to crave!

before you drink it in, go do your Transformetrics!

Then, you can indulge in your breakfast juice drink, knowing that you have done the two most powerful things that you can do for your health and appearance in just a short time before you start your day!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jaymo with old vehicles

And the lord smiled upon the old vehicles, and blessed them...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

La Crosse, WI in the TOP10 places to live!! In US News and World Report

La Crosse, Wisconsin

With a population of about 50,000, La Crosse, Wis., is a great staging ground for exploring the natural wonders of the upper Mississippi River area. Although winters can be bitterly cold, friendly Midwesterners and the nearby ski slopes will keep your spirits high. The spring opens an active outdoor culture of camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing that brings more than a million visitors to the area each year. Explore the mighty Mississippi on a riverboat tour, or try your luck with the northern pike in Lake Onalaska. "Great people, fun town," says Dave Lueck, a 36-year-old graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. "It's not too big, not too small." And with a 2008 median home sale price of $113,000, it's also an affordable destination.

The big exercise "apparatus" mistake!

Many years ago, the big debate in health and fitness was this:

All agreed that both exercise and nutrition were crucial in attaining maximum fitness.

The big debate was between those that thought that non-apparatus based exercise was the best way to train (Maxalding exercise, Farmer Burns, and Charles Atlas spring to mind in this camp!), and those that insisted that apparatus was the best way-(this would be Bob Hoffman of the York Barbell era, Joe Weider later, and many others)...

Nowadays, the man or woman on-the-street would all concur that yes- weight training, meaning machines, cables, spring-exercisers, and every infomercial crazy gizmo that anyone has ever thought of it the proper, scientific way to train!

Even cardiovascular work
has fallen into this mind-set, since the gym I pass by most days on the way home from work has people running/walking...on treadmills!

As for diet, this question of how to obtain the best nutrition has never really even come up!
The consensus is to just, .... eat a really healthy diet! Fruits, vegetables, and meat, and, uh, other stuff too!

I think this mindset has the whole problem backwards!

Exercise needs NO apparatus!

Training via the Transformetrics method, utilizing Dynamic Visualized Resistance, Isometrics, and "Power" calisthenics is the ultimate, preferable way to train!

Apparatus, ie. weights, machines, cables, treadmills, bicycles, etc. etc. etc... are not only inferior, but usually counterproductive, resulting in injuries and damage out of all proportion to their initially perceived benefits!

Contrarily, apparatus is crucial for maximum nutrition!!

Take the Vitamix blender:

With this simple "apparatus"
fruits, vegetables, and proteins are all made instantly available to your body, without cooking, without unnecessary added starches and sugars, and in a form easily consumed and enjoyed!

So- get rid of your useless exercise "gizmos"... have a yard sale, sell that junk on eBay, whatever! Exercise using your own body as resistance! (What a concept!)

And use the proceeds to buy a Vitamix blender!!

Your health will thank you!


Friday, May 29, 2009



Yes, the book is finally revised, and READY for you to IMPLEMENT in your new, healthy lifestyle!

The Juice Drink Strategy, by Jay Bowers, is ready and waiting for you.

The book itself, which is brief, and to the point, is $14.42....

But, the downloadable version is only $5.00!!

To purchase either, just go to: Type in either the juice drink strategy,

or else just jay bowers

There it'll be!

All the nuts and bolts you need for your own personal dietary transformation are there!

Let me know your results!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Juice Drink Strategy

A new book is available- The Juice Drink Strategy - by Jay Bowers!

I recommend that you all buy it! It is only ....

$5.00 when downloaded as an ebook!! I guarantee it is worth at LEAST $6.00!!

Actually, it does have ALL of the tenets of the Barbarian Diet spelled out, and tells you how to totally remake your health... so, I think it is a steal!

To get the book, go to

Type in The Juice Drink Strategy

I hope you enjoy it, and benefit from it.


Friday, March 6, 2009

New/Old 1965 Mustang in the Vintage Home!

I think I should post more on this blog- more "human interest" type stuff... just because! Health and fitness are not ALL of life- I mean, old Mustangs are important as well!

We got this car for Jane; she deserves a little something for putting up with:
the cats
the neighbors and friends (especially PAUL!)
global warming (HA HA!)

She has wanted "Sally", (Mustang Sally), ever since she was 12 at the NY World's Fair! FINALLY she has her "heart's desire": me.
Wrong: a 1965 Mustang, in Wimbledon White. Perfect in every way. Like me..


I always want vehicles that... are utilitarian! When I got my John Deere 650 tractor, I loved it so much,(since it could DO so much!), I thought, what could I get to drive around on roads, that would be just like it??

I bought a 1962 Ford F100 truck first. A dream come true! It could do so much WORK! And looked really cool- like Lassie's Dad's truck!

THEN, I bought a 1970 Jeep cj5. Even MORE tractor-like! And I could ride it around on my acreage, and pull a trailer, and accomplish real work!! COOL!!

much later, I thought: "What would Jane want?"

would not want anything "utilitarian"... for whatever reason, women desire cute, not ute.

I finally have it all figured out:

Men want what will accomplish the work goals they have set:
Saving money, plowing fields, mowing, getting around in bad weather, hauling heavy loads.
Kind of a Dwight Shrute short-list...

Women, by and large, want:

A Flying Carpet!

it should also make them look good!

Kind of a tall order; but a 1965 Mustang (in Wimbledon White, preferably) fills the bill.

It "flies"them around, wherever they want to go- and enroute, they are "looking good!", they are aged, yet classically beauteous, and young guys are fascinated by their means of transport!!

A 1965 Mustang is a Magic Carpet!

I think I've proved my point!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Designer Jeans- Designer Pickups- Designer President"

Here is daughter Holly in our new/old Mustang- a REAL sports car! Nothing fancy, but CLASSIC!

I was thinking how we have gotten away from our roots: remember when a pickup truck was...
A TRUCK? Not a crazy, rather ugly vehicle that cost more than a luxury sedan?
Somewhere along the line, the humble, utilitarian pickup morphed into a ...designer pickup.

Like blue jeans: completely utilitarian, functional, and yet, somehow, cool for all that.
Along came designer, useless, ugly, ripped/distressed and decorated, all for MORE than the cost of fine dress pants!!

I saw in a car magazine, a reproduction of the 1966 fastback Mustang... looked great! *Just like the original"!

The only drawback: the new version had a "designer" brand NEW interior: engine, transmission, interior- all "state-of-the-art". $150,000 dollars...

A "designer" version of a classic sports car!

We have gone down the wrong (designer) superhighway: too much luxury, too much needless cost, too many "gew-gaws"!

And now, I'm afraid, we have even elected a...DESIGNER PRESIDENT!

Looks the part, acts the part,(superficially), and costs way more than any president, ever!

Like a classic pickup, he looks like a truck, kind of. But he is loaded down with frills, and appears unable to actually handle any real load of work!!

Sorry, but I am calling this like I see it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you suffer from... EYEFLOATERS??

If so, here is your solution, my friend!

I have come across a site-

If "floaters" have become an issue for you, go there now!

The key is in recognizing what is the true problem- and this e-book addresses that, admirably!
Do NOT consider surgery, either minor or major- this little e-book tells you just WHAT you need to do to regain your sanity, and your clear vision.

I would recommend this e-book to ANYONE who has an issue with "floaters" in their vision!

This is the real deal: if you need to solve this problem, go this route!

And ignore all others...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ideal Weight and Total Fitness,the barbarian diet with your Vitamix!

Again, I have to stress "The Barbarian Diet"! - Meat, vegetables, fruits,natural fats, and minimal dairy-whole grains-beer/wine.

Let's say you are a typical modern American, eating the diet that goes along with it:

BAD! (refined carbohydrates, i.e. "sugar", corn syrup i.e. "sugar", soda, i.e. "sugar", fast food, i.e. "mainly sugar"...

These all cause the "diseases of civilization"- heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.
If you eat "sugar", aka "refined carbohydrates", you stimulate an insulin response, and this is what triggers future cravings for...

refined carbohydrates/sugar!

and endless, negative (for you health!) cycle.

You get the idea! And whenever you make breakfast at home, you make... PANCAKES!! (I know I used to!) Can you say... SUGAR!!! On STEROIDS!!!

And you think you should eat healthier, so you eat bagels, (without butter or cream cheese, since that's the bad part!), and eat pasta for supper, since that is SO healthy!!

You want to know what you SHOULD be eating?

Lean meats. Vegetables! LOTS!! Eggs. Natural Fats, like butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc..
As many fruits as you can!! And, a minimal amount of whole grains, like oatmeal, whole wheat bread... even these are not that great-

Just eat meat, vegetables, fruit, and eggs!! Dairy is OK too- this is in the whole grain category- minimal is best!

"But Jay!" you protest. "This is too hard to acheive!"

"Au Contraire!", I retort Frenchily.

Just eat(or DRINK!) one, and preferably TWO meals per day from you Vitamix blender!

I have begun taking a FRUIT drink for breakfast, and a VEGGIE drink for lunch!


orange juice, milk, frozen mixed fruits, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen spinach, yogurt blueberries or mixed berries, (optional)flax oil about 2 tsp..

Vitamix for a few minutes. Drink.

You will NOT be hungry until lunch! (trsut me!)


tomato juice, milk, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen spinach or collards, cottage cheese, (optional) spirulina aka blue-green algae.

Vitamix for a few minutes. Drink.

You will not be hungry until supper!


Preferably, GRILL a large chunk of fish and/or meat! Do the same with as many vegetables as you want, as long as they grow ABOVE ground.... (potatoes fall in the same category as whole grains, and dairy- OK, but .... minimal.)

Now, kick back over a campfire, preferably! Crack some beers (this is the Barbarian diet, hey!), and do a few sets of pushups! When someone tries to toast marshmallows, why, slap that horned helmet over your head and FIGHT THEM!! (Use that toaster fork, or green twig!)

Decadence will NOT be allowed around... THE BARBARIAN DIET!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moms and kids love Vita-Mix green smoothies

Here is a Vitamix Youtube to show you what I'm talking about below- especially pay attention to what she says about the Vitamix "rupturing the cell walls", releasing maximum nutrition.


The Vitamix meal replacement plan for total health! The Barbarian Diet mainstay!

How can you EASILY get all the recommended (and MORE!) servings of fruits and vegetables you need each day, all the easily assimilated protein and vitamins as well, and lose weight and lay the foundation you need for optimum health?

And save money, too?

Simple. Just make one meal per day with a Vitamix high powered blender, liquifying fruits, vegetables, and either eggs, Greek yogurt, and/or cottage cheese along with a little green tea.  I have started refining the process, adding more in the way of spices and herbs, slices of lemon, apple cider vinegar, kefir- the list goes on...  It's all detailed in my first eBook Paleo Quick Start!  Here it is on Amazon, it's also available on iTunes, and Barnes and Noble, and everywhere else, really...

Each morning, I put about a cup or so of green or white tea, and about a cup of yogurt, a couple of raw eggs,  mixed frozen fruits, mixed frozen vegetables, and one peeled orange, and all the rest...

That is it- and if I drink it for breakfast, I am not hungry at all until lunch time... and I mean not at all- no cravings, no desire for empty carbohydrates of the white flour/corn syrup ilk- none!

I believe it is because all of my bodily needs are being met- for most of us, this means they are being met for the first time in our lives!

Our modern, refined flour based diet is that bad...

Anyway, continue on this Vitamix meal replacement diet indefinitely- trust me; soon, you will NOT want to miss a day of having your Vitamix "meal"- they make that much of a difference in how you feel, and function!

Usually, I have my Vitamix meal in two tupperware one quart containers at lunch, and have eggs for breakfast, perhaps with a peeled orange or grapefruit and tea. I always look forward to being "energized" and, as I like to think of it, totally "sated"-no desires for any more food, my body feeling fully fueled! It really is that strong of a feeling!

If you need to lose weight- all you need to do is replace this one meal with a Vitamix meal- you will lose weight.

If you need to gain weight (i.e. muscle), this will do that as well- just add Perfectly Paleo Exercise to the mix daily as well. (This will also help you to LOSE weight, so add it regardless- Paleo Exercise is the Vitamix of exercise!)

AND, if you REALLY want to lose weight and gain health...

(AND save money and time!)...

Try the Vitamix TWO meal replacement plan for SUPER health and maximum leanness!

More on the second meal of the day later... right now, concentrate of Vitamix breakfast!