Monday, July 27, 2009

Psychological benefits of the Juice Drink Strategy

The psychological benefits of The Juice Drink Strategy or the barbarian diet are another facet that bears further thought:

If you are receiving perfect, total nutrition...

Don't you think your mental state will benefit, ALONG WITH your physical appearance and strength??

of course! It just makes sense- just as, in the above photo, I am doing a "wheeled pushup", which most 57 year old (or 27 year olds!) could not do one of which! And so, my physical self is in far better condition that average....(I routinely do 10 +).

In like manner, I'm sure my mental state is much more tranquil, than someone who eats the typical American/Western "junk food" diet. (Bread, pasta, twinkies, cheeto's, etc.)

The brain and psyche are intimately connected with the body...

which is intimately connected with the diet!

And exercise, but that is another post...

Which comes first: "the diet or the exercise?"

They are so inter-related! We need both!

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