Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the Classical diet

Making jerky!

As part of the "Paleo/ancient Greek-Roman" diet, which I recommend, jerky is about #1 in the "Classical Diet!

In the classical diet, which I think is correct as a "pre-industrial" diet, jerky would have been a mainstay. When you slow cook already lean cuts of meat, in this case beef, your cook off the fat, and wind up with a really lean source of protein.

Also, what a great way to have portable (lunch) protein!

Each Sunday, I enjoy firing up the smoker, putting in some good hardwoods, and letting the smoker "do it's thing". You wind up with the ultimate nutrition source- portable, available, and right there for the upcoming week.

I would recommend making jerky, or, if you must, buying jerky for food "on the go".

It's a natural!