Monday, February 15, 2010

Paleo/Primal/Barbarian/Juice Drink Strategy are the way to go!

There is one website that is saying, basically what I am saying.

There is another- this one comes even closer!

The irony is, as I was just saying to my wife "We have the answer to most people's prayers!"

This diet really is the ultimate answer, the "Fountain of Youth"!

You can come CLOSE to achieving it with just eating appropriately (via

And, you can KINK of achieve it, utilizing supplements (via mark', or dr. sears, or many other VENDORS of health!)

OR, you can DO IT YOURSELF! Make your OWN health, WITHOUT supplements! And EASILY!

I do it with my Vitamix blender- I fill the canister with frozen mixed vegetables, mixed frozen fruits, a little orange juice,some pomegranate juice, frozen spinach, coconut milk, and a little green tea!

Blend up this drink, and:

You don't NEED supplements! You CERTAINLY don't need them!
Your weight will normalize- if you are underweight, you'll gain weight.
Overweight- you will lose weight!

Case in point:

I have been very health conscious since college days. Big into weight training, fitness, and proper diet for many, many years. (I'm now 58)

My jean size, since college, has been 33 waist.

After a couple of years of the juice drink strategy/barbarian diet, my pants are falling off of me!

Today, I bought some 32 inchers!

So, now at 58, I am at my High School pant size, even though I am about 50 pounds heavier! (This would be my UPPER body!)

Granted, exercise helps. But DIET is even MORE important for health, and overall fitness!!

If you're not blending up healthy drinks on a daily basis, I would recommend that you do so- buy a Vitamix blender, and make a meal replacement drink, daily. To do so, will amaze you in how it banishes hunger! You will NOT be hungry- all of your nutritional needs will be met, probably for the first time in your life! REALLY!

Then, you can have lean meats, seafood, fruits,nuts, and vegetables in UNLIMITED amounts!!

You will never be hungry on the juice drink strategy!

You just avoid a few things:

DAIRY, except for CREAM and BUTTER

I know it seems strange, and counter-intuitive, but flour, beans and other "low fat" items are actually FAR MORE DAMAGING to you than high fat foods, such as cream, nuts, and coconut milk, which are actually BENEFICIAL to the EXTREME!

Mainly, our forebears (for MILLENIA!) ate:

Lean meats (and seafood)that they hunted
Vegetables and fruits that they gathered

That is IT!

That is what our forebears ate! NO chips, bread, doritos, pizza, rice, breakfast cereal, ice cream, twinkies... you get the drift!

The bottom line is this:

If our paleo ancestors didn't eat it...

WE CAN'T HANDLE IT!! Our bodies will self destruct with flour, sugar, and dairy!

I know this is a tough thing to absorb. But, just try it for a couple of weeks...

First thing- your skin gets real soft. You don't even need lotion, even in Winter!

Second: Your weight normalizes. Overweight? You will lose fat, effortlessly.
Underweight? Gain, with no effort.

Acne? GONE!

If you add bodyweight exercise to this diet, your results will be little less than ASTOUNDING!!

More later,