Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inversion strap training

I have been reading about trx training- these strap units cost around $150-$200!

Nice idea for bodyweight exercises outside, but too rich for my "blue collar" blood!

Luckily, I had some 'forearm forklift' moving straps laying about... About $20 worth. (For TWO!!)

Putting one set into a tiedown lashing strap(also laying around), and I was set!

I think this is the ideal way to transition into handstand pushups!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Caroline is Bill's favorite song at the Holmen Corn Fest!

Bill and I had a good time, watching the Nitty Gritty Dirt band perform, preceded here by "Jelloshooters" or something similar, doing their greatest hits of others that weren't very good in the originals set....

We also had  brats (paleo) with sauerkraut and onions (Paleo!), but, sadly buns...

And, Gladly, Beer!!

Good times were had by all.

"Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can."

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Holmen corn roast

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Perfect breakfast

Here are my sausages, along with some free range eggs, cooked in grass fed Kerry butter!

Also crucial, is my trademark barbarian smoothie- spinach, mixed veggies, assorted fruits, green tea, coconut milk, and all combined via a Vitiamix high speed blender!

Coffee too, with real whipped cream, sweetened with stevia, & cinnamon.

Eat this, and I guarantee -

Barbarian boy, or Barbi girl:

You will NOT be hungry again for a LONG time!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grilling supper, two lunches, and breakfast

Last night, after a LONG day, I came home and did one of my favorite things- I grilled a lot of meat!

Mild Italian bratwursts, breakfast sausages, and a double marinated chicken breast, to be exact, which I picked up on the way home.

I ate half the chicken, along with some microwaved mixed vegetables (with fruit added- really good!, and cut up the brats into bite sized morsels, put into tupperware containers with onions for two substantial lunches that only need microwaving (and added horseradish/mustard).

The sausages- well, I had a few this morning, along with some scrambled eggs (in Kerry Gold grass-fed butter), and I was one well fed barbarian boy!

Go thou and do likewise!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Statins- Just say NO!

Check out, again the "Livin' La vida LOW carb" show, with Jimmy Moore!

I have heard several guests on his show lately, who all go into a litany of the evils of statin drugs!

Muscle wasting,
joint pain,
Liver damage....

and the list goes on and on!

Why would
you take a drug, to mitigate a condition (High cholesterol), that is a fiction in terms of heart health??

High cholesterol does
not mean that your are unhealthy in any way.

The medical establishment is on a blind endorsement of the Ancil Keye's bogus study, from the middle of the last century, that posited that saturated fat was the sole cause of heart disease...

He fudged the data, "losing" parts of it that didn't fit his theory,
and set us all up for 50 years of bad nutritional advice!!

Bottom line:

Butter is good. Corn oil is BAD!

Real food is good. Industrial food is BAD!

Lean meats, seafood, eggs, and nuts are good.

Sugar, grains (YES- EVEN "WHOLE GRAINS") are BAD! REALLY BAD!!!

Legumes are BAD!! Beans are BAD FOR YOU!! (This includes peanut butter!)

Sugar equals flour. Potatoes equal sugar. Both are sheer poison. Don't eat them for the rest of your life, except when you ocassionally want to "kick up your heels".

Then, get right back "on the wagon"!


Real fat is good. Industrial fat is bad.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate- the bad guy in your soap!

I had a very cool revelation today, and I plan to share it... with YOU!!

For years I have had peeling skin on my hands. Sometimes it reached the point where it was embarrassing- I mean a lot of peeling skin!

I have thought that it was a mineral or vitamin deficiency; and since I started the Barbarian drinks, and the otherwise Paleo diet, sans grains and legumes, it has improved...

But it always is kind of "there"; a little peeling, sometimes more, sometimes less...

But FINALLY, (I can be somewhat obtuse at times), I realized one thing:

It was always worst after my morning shower!!

I had been reading about SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This is the chemical that is added to virtually all commercial soaps and shampoos. (Except for ONE!)

The additive, SLS, is a known skin irritant, can cause hair loss, and is a primary ingredient in engine degreasers.

It's also in most soaps, shampoos, detergents,toothpastes... the list goes on and on.


Because it's cheap. And it gives a "foaming" effect that customers like. It SUCKS, at least for human care products....(Garage floor oil sludge cleaning- it's golden!)

Ok. Look at the photo above, of my utterly smooth, non-peeling hand!

is because, two days ago, I stopped using the body wash and shampoo I used before, and switched to...

drumroll please!!

Ivory Soap! (BAR soap)!

I wash my body, my hands, and then my HEAD with the soap from the bar!

NO REACTION, no peeling, zip-zero-nada!!

I wish all my problems were so simple.

SLS is, in my opinion, the equivalent of high fructose corn syrup in the diet-

pure poison!

Avoid it. Just like grains. Just like beans, and other legumes like peanuts.

Ivory is just real soap. PRIMAL soap. Paleo soap. barbarian soap!

it's really cheap! (real things usually are!) You can always opt for designer/organic/trendy, but this is the primal option...

Just one caveat:

The other products under the Ivory aegis, like the liquid soap, the detergents, etc.-

They all contain SLS! Thanks, Proctor and Gamble!

Caveat emptor!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Quest Protein Bars!

Click the link, and get two free, postpaid protein bars! I heard about this deal on the Jimmy Moore "Livin' la vida low carb" podcast- I highly recommend this podcast! Jimmy is a thoroughly engaging host, and the guests he has are the best in the low-carb field.

So, now just what am I eating in the photo, and why do I look so happy?

I have bacon and eggs, the eggs being "basted" in the bacon fat... I also have my trademark barbarian juice drink as a chaser, and espresso with real whipped cream atop.

Of course I look happy!

"But Jay", I hear you asking frantically "Isn't all that fat and cholesterol really bad for you?"

In a word, no.

And, I don't eat like this every day- this is a relaxing Sunday morning. I did my "DVR" or dynamic visualized exercises earlier, did my Hindu back-bridging, and some self-resisted exercises as well as some stretching. Then, shower and breakfast! I won't need to eat until supper- I'll sip my barbarian concoction throughout the afternoon as I feel the urge, giving me all the fruits and vegetables (and fluids!) I'll need for the day, and in the late afternoon I"ll fire up the grill for chicken thighs and drumsticks!

I heard another guest on Jimmy Moore's show yesterday, an ex-vegetarian or vegetard as I like to call them ala Robb Wolf of the Paleolithic Solution podcast; she pointed out that, since most folks want boneless, skinless chicken breasts, the price of those cuts are much higher priced, and since these same people avoid dark meat, like thighs and drumsticks, these superior cuts are very cheap! So, be advised.

Also, I have been going strictly body-weight in my exercises for quite a while now, ala John Peterson and Mark Sisson. But I have added barefoot sprinting as M. Sisson recommends, and rigged up a suspension trainer in the yard, over a tree branch, from some straps that I had laying around- I"ll post some pictures of that this afternoon, if it stops raining!

Also, I plan to do sets of pullups downstairs later, and also want to add some power rack exercises, pushing on the pins with a bar in the rack, working on multiple levels with isometric stops...

Looks like a fun day!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Perfect Dessert

Today, a hot day in August, I had a nice dessert awaiting me in my lunch cooler.. (see to the left!)

It was a mix of frozen (this morning) raspberries and blueberries. Just about a 1/2 handful of each, in a little tupperware container, but- and this is crucial!-topped with a healthy dollop of real, unhomogenized whipped cream, sweetened with cinammon!

Ironically, it appears that full fat dairy is much better for you than skim, which in the old days was used as pig food; in other words not nutritious enough to use on humans!

The satiety factor of using just a little whipped cream (or butter, or coconut milk) is HUGE-
You are satisfied, and NOT hungry, for hours afterwards.

Not to mention, the food value of the berries involved is HUGE, and the insulin response is minimal in such a dessert.

"But Jay", I hear you asking, politely, "Who cares about insulin?"

Well, I answer politely, you should!

many years, saturated fat has been implicated by the "authorities", the ADA, the FDA, and the AMA as the bad guy! This is wrong, and NOT supported by science!

Not to get technical,
since this is a practical, fun, laugh-out-loud in happiness kind of a blog, but we have been fed a load of BS for many years about how we should eat a "low fat, high carbohydrate, processed foods diet".

The result? We are fatter, more diseased, more sick, than we've ever been!!


Because we "bought" the BS- we ate low fat, processed foods.
We ate "carbs", since they were OK and cheap and endorsed by our medical "professionals".
We cut back on fats, dramatically!, since they are the BAD GUYS!! NO butter, no coconut milk or oil, no olive oil, just "poly-unsaturated" oils, since they are GOOD!

And so, since we did NOT eat fats, we were continually FAMISHED! We ate TONS of carbs, low fat processed foods like crackers and cookies and bread, washed it all down with SKIM milk (since that was OK)....

And they wondered why we became fat pigs with horrible blood lipid profiles, since we were doing everything right, according to the medical professionals?

AND, to add insult to injury, we also ascribed to the onerous practice of "chronic cardio", where we would force ourselves to "jog" or slowly run for hours, until our poor joints of hip, knee, and feet literally gave way!

Why didn't all this exercise, and low fat food keep us thin and healthy??

Because we ate ALL WRONG! And exercised ALL WRONG!!

Eat carbohydrates (whole grain is just as bad!), and your body pumps out insulin, to lower the blood sugar spike, since to your body carbs are sugar/sugars are carbs! No difference!!

If you eat carbs over, and over, and over, and over, eventually, to your body, it's like :

"Ramp it up to high! Burn sugar- that's all we will get- burn baby burn!!"

And you
will burn- Insulin is also known as an aging hormone.

The more you produce, the faster you will age, and the more diseases you will "encourage".

It's like your body is a Ferrari, and you give it the cheapest fuel you can find; with water, sludge, and such in it.

Carbohydrates are that fuel- Sugar, pure and simple! Don't do it!!

Give your body carbs, and it responds by pumping out insulin, so you feel hungry again, and eat more carbs/sugar, and it pumps out yet more insulin...

Eventually, to your body, it seems like you are shouting as loud as you can over and over:

"I need insulin!!"

Like crying "wolf",
your body learns to shut this OUT! But now you're really in trouble, since now your body just produces insulin constantly, just to shut you up!!

So now, your body has "learned" to continually create insulin, a hormone that is guaranteed to age you rapidly, and generate a host of diseases, including (but not limited to):

heart disease
cancers of all varieties

You get the idea...

The solution to this dilemma?

Restrict carbohydrates!
No grains, pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, ANYTHING made from flour!
No rice, corn, or potatoes! (More on nightshade plants later)
No legumes- peanuts, cashews, and all BEANS are hazardous to your health- loaded with "anti-nutrients", they can allow contaminants to enter into your bloodstream! Potatoes will do likewise, so eliminate them as well!

Eat lots of good fats:
Butter, olive oil, coconut oil and coconut milk

Eat protein:

Lean meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs, nuts. Lots of all of these- to satiety!! Eat hearty!

At this point,
I know the above sounds just crazy! But, trust me, It is all true!!

Just try it out for 30 days.

If by the end of 30 days you don't :

Feel better
Look better
have better health via blood profiles

Then I would be wrong.

I haven't been wrong YET on anyone who tried this!

This barbarian diet solves TONS of modern health problems!!

Add some Barbarian Exercise??

You will be GOLDEN!!


Grass Fed Butter - Choosing a Better Butter | Mark's Daily Apple

Grass Fed Butter - Choosing a Better Butter | Mark's Daily Apple

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunshine Superman- The Vitamin D solution!

The sun in important for cats, too!

Here is my little cat boy, Ty, taking in some sun in the garden..

Since I base my whole fitness regimen on what he does, since he is totally "au Naturale", I knew he was on to something.

Actually, I've always KNOWN that sun exposure is good, just so long as you don't BURN! To the ancient Greeks, the SUN was their first recourse for healing. Anything in EXCESS is bad, this includes the sun. BUT, to exclude it, is like excluding lean meats, fruits, nuts, and vegetables- BAD!

Can't wait to read this book in it's entirety!

J and Ty

Sunshine Superman

“If I had to give you a single secret ingredient that could apply to the prevention — and treatment, in many cases — of heart disease, common cancers, stroke, infectious diseases from influenza to tuberculosis, type 1 and 2 diabetes, dementia, depression, insomnia, muscle weakness, joint pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and hypertension, it would be this: vitamin D.”

During the whirlwind that has been my life of late, I managed to make my way through Dr. Michael Holick’s terrific book The Vitamin D Solution from which the above quote comes. Before I get started on my review, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve got to tell you that of all the books I’ve reviewed on this blog since its inception, this is the first and only one that I’ve been sent gratis by the publisher. It was strange how it came about. I learned of this book long before it was published and had pre-ordered it through Amazon. A few weeks or so after my pre-order, I received an email from the publisher’s PR agent for this book asking if I would like a pre-publication copy for possible review. I sure would, said I, and promptly canceled my Amazon order.

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Holick’s for years now, reading every paper he publishes, which is a considerable job given his prolific output. I’ve corresponded with him a time or two on a few issues and he has always been very generous with his advice. I consider him THE authority on vitamin D. So, I was eager to dig into his book.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I figured that somewhere along the way, Dr. Holick had gotten intrigued with vitamin D, had pursued his interest and had become sort of a guru. But in reading his book, I learned that he is much more than that. He began studying vitamin D as a graduate student and ended up being the person who actually discovered 1,25 (OH)D, the major circulating form of vitamin D in humans. This was back in the early 1970s, and he’s been studying vitamin D without letup since. His book is the most up-to-date source of all the science available about this amazing nutrient.

Dr. Holick sums up the importance of vitamin D to human well being in this single sentence from early in the book:

The sun is as vital to your health and well-being as food, shelter, water and oxygen.

Which seems reasonable since every morsel of energy we consume originates with the sun. No sun, no plants. No plants, no animals. No plants and animals, no us. As Sir Karl Popper noted, we eat the sun. We evolved in the sunlight, so it makes sense that the sun offers other benefits as well food.

Dr. Holick begins his book with a fascinating comparison of a ten-year-old girl growing up somewhere along the equator to a ten-year-old girl growing up in the United States or Europe. The former will probably never learn how to use a computer, never go to a mall, never learn to drive a car and will probably end up spending most of her life outside tilling the soil as did her parents and grandparents. She will probably experience periods in her life of poverty and poor nutrition. By contrast, her US or European counterpart will always have plenty to eat, will learn to shop, order pizza, operate a computer, Game Boy, Wii, and God only knows what other kinds of electronics. She will have her doting parents slather sunscreen on her to protect her skin from birth until she’s old enough to do it herself. She will come of age in a different world, filled with the latest in medical technology.

And she will pay for it with her health.

Her equatorial counterpart will be only half as likely to get cancer in her lifetime. She will have an 80 percent reduction in risk of developing type I diabetes before the age of 30. And she will live longer. If she can avoid trauma or an untreated severe medical condition, the girl growing up in the more primitive but sunny circumstances will have an overall 7 percent greater longevity than her US/European counterpart. She will have stronger bones, lower blood pressure, fewer cavities in her teeth, a greatly reduced risk for heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity, arthritis and most of the other diseases that will plague her more Westernized sisters.

Why the difference? According to Dr. Holick, the equatorial girl has vastly more exposure to natural sunlight over her lifetime than does the other.

But, you might ask, why don’t the children in the US and Europe play outside more in the sunshine and reap its many benefits? A couple of reasons. Most of the US and Europe are too far north to get enough sun exposure to generate the production of adequate vitamin D during a large part of the year. And, second, most parents are so fearful of sunburn that they slather their kids with sunscreen if and when they let these children play outside during the part of the year they can make adequate vitamin D. Since a sunscreen with an SPF of only 8 reduces the synthesis of vitamin D by 95 percent, think of how little vitamin D children with sunscreens of SPF 30 or 45 are making. Zero.



Readers of this blog know that I refer to people who have an unreasoning fear of fat as lipophobes, fat fearers. Well, since Helios was the Greek god of the sun, I’ll call those who have an unreasoning fear of the sun heliophobes.

Why do people become heliophobes? Same reason they become lipophobes: they refuse to think.

Just as lipophobes see a heart attack in every morsel of fat, heliophobes see skin cancer in every ray of sunshine.

To give them their due, the heliophobes have at least a smidgen of data to bolster their point of view. Unlike the lipophobes, who have no reliable data demonstrating that saturated fat causes heart disease, the heliophobes can point convincingly at the data showing sun exposure causes problems for the skin.

Unquestionably, excess sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin and a couple of types of skin cancer. Of this there is no doubt. But, lack of adequate vitamin D appears to be related to an entire host of serious problems including melanoma, the most dangerous and deadly form of skin cancer. The most common type of skin cancer from overexposure is basal cell carcinoma, which is just about the least malignant of all cancers, and if treated (by removal) results in virtually no mortality. The same can’t be said for prostate, breast and colon cancers, all cancers thought to be sun (or, more correctly, lack of sun) related. These cancers are much more prevalent the farther north one goes and almost non-existent at the equator.

The trade off, in my opinion, is well worth it. Especially when it’s possible to have the best of both worlds and avoid both the premature aging, minor skin cancers AND the breast, prostate and colon cancers (not to mention multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and the host of other disorders laid at the doorstep of too little vitamin D) by sensible sun exposure.

Dr. Holick tells you how. He provides charts and tables telling you how much sun exposure you require for adequate vitamin D synthesis depending upon where you live in the world. And he describes how you can make up any difference by taking vitamin D supplements.