Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Perfect Dessert

Today, a hot day in August, I had a nice dessert awaiting me in my lunch cooler.. (see to the left!)

It was a mix of frozen (this morning) raspberries and blueberries. Just about a 1/2 handful of each, in a little tupperware container, but- and this is crucial!-topped with a healthy dollop of real, unhomogenized whipped cream, sweetened with cinammon!

Ironically, it appears that full fat dairy is much better for you than skim, which in the old days was used as pig food; in other words not nutritious enough to use on humans!

The satiety factor of using just a little whipped cream (or butter, or coconut milk) is HUGE-
You are satisfied, and NOT hungry, for hours afterwards.

Not to mention, the food value of the berries involved is HUGE, and the insulin response is minimal in such a dessert.

"But Jay", I hear you asking, politely, "Who cares about insulin?"

Well, I answer politely, you should!

many years, saturated fat has been implicated by the "authorities", the ADA, the FDA, and the AMA as the bad guy! This is wrong, and NOT supported by science!

Not to get technical,
since this is a practical, fun, laugh-out-loud in happiness kind of a blog, but we have been fed a load of BS for many years about how we should eat a "low fat, high carbohydrate, processed foods diet".

The result? We are fatter, more diseased, more sick, than we've ever been!!


Because we "bought" the BS- we ate low fat, processed foods.
We ate "carbs", since they were OK and cheap and endorsed by our medical "professionals".
We cut back on fats, dramatically!, since they are the BAD GUYS!! NO butter, no coconut milk or oil, no olive oil, just "poly-unsaturated" oils, since they are GOOD!

And so, since we did NOT eat fats, we were continually FAMISHED! We ate TONS of carbs, low fat processed foods like crackers and cookies and bread, washed it all down with SKIM milk (since that was OK)....

And they wondered why we became fat pigs with horrible blood lipid profiles, since we were doing everything right, according to the medical professionals?

AND, to add insult to injury, we also ascribed to the onerous practice of "chronic cardio", where we would force ourselves to "jog" or slowly run for hours, until our poor joints of hip, knee, and feet literally gave way!

Why didn't all this exercise, and low fat food keep us thin and healthy??

Because we ate ALL WRONG! And exercised ALL WRONG!!

Eat carbohydrates (whole grain is just as bad!), and your body pumps out insulin, to lower the blood sugar spike, since to your body carbs are sugar/sugars are carbs! No difference!!

If you eat carbs over, and over, and over, and over, eventually, to your body, it's like :

"Ramp it up to high! Burn sugar- that's all we will get- burn baby burn!!"

And you
will burn- Insulin is also known as an aging hormone.

The more you produce, the faster you will age, and the more diseases you will "encourage".

It's like your body is a Ferrari, and you give it the cheapest fuel you can find; with water, sludge, and such in it.

Carbohydrates are that fuel- Sugar, pure and simple! Don't do it!!

Give your body carbs, and it responds by pumping out insulin, so you feel hungry again, and eat more carbs/sugar, and it pumps out yet more insulin...

Eventually, to your body, it seems like you are shouting as loud as you can over and over:

"I need insulin!!"

Like crying "wolf",
your body learns to shut this OUT! But now you're really in trouble, since now your body just produces insulin constantly, just to shut you up!!

So now, your body has "learned" to continually create insulin, a hormone that is guaranteed to age you rapidly, and generate a host of diseases, including (but not limited to):

heart disease
cancers of all varieties

You get the idea...

The solution to this dilemma?

Restrict carbohydrates!
No grains, pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, ANYTHING made from flour!
No rice, corn, or potatoes! (More on nightshade plants later)
No legumes- peanuts, cashews, and all BEANS are hazardous to your health- loaded with "anti-nutrients", they can allow contaminants to enter into your bloodstream! Potatoes will do likewise, so eliminate them as well!

Eat lots of good fats:
Butter, olive oil, coconut oil and coconut milk

Eat protein:

Lean meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs, nuts. Lots of all of these- to satiety!! Eat hearty!

At this point,
I know the above sounds just crazy! But, trust me, It is all true!!

Just try it out for 30 days.

If by the end of 30 days you don't :

Feel better
Look better
have better health via blood profiles

Then I would be wrong.

I haven't been wrong YET on anyone who tried this!

This barbarian diet solves TONS of modern health problems!!

Add some Barbarian Exercise??

You will be GOLDEN!!


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Franklin Mason said...

I really like the tone of your blog. Direct, highly opinionated, a little pissed off. Keep it up!

Like you, I'm pissed off. I bought the low-fat, high-carb BS for years. I feel like I lost 40 years of my life. Well, at least I'm lean and fit now. Hope I didn't do too much damage to my body.