Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Juice Drink Strategy- the final solution!

So, you've gotten a Vitamix blender... made few drinks for yourself, and maybe your family!
"Once begun, half done!" as they say.

But now, you need to make it a habit- only by regular, daily usage can you gain the incredible, life-changing results you desire! It takes 28 days to ingrain a lifelong habit.

Resolve to start now!

Set up all al your equipment, tonight.
Make sure your Vitamix is clean, and ready to go.
Make sure you have all of your "ingredients" in the refrigerator:

Orange juice, milk, yogurt, frozen mixed fruits, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen spinach, frozen berries...

Ideally, you will also have:

Ground flax meal, whey or egg-white protein powder, a banana and an orange all ready to peel!

In the morning, if all of this is ready, it is so easy to get into the routine of :

ADDING all of the ingredients by the fridge, then progressing over to the counter and adding in the flax meal and protein, and then peeling the orange and banana and adding them in as well...

By now, you are ready to start Vitamix-blending!

Start on low for a few seconds, and then power it to high!!

Leave the room
, since it does get loud. Check your email.... turn on CNBC... then return.

The linchpin of your diet- 99% of the nutrition you need, and the built-in appetite suppressants that come free of charge are now available for you to ingest, in a fruity-tasting beverage that you will come to crave!

before you drink it in, go do your Transformetrics!

Then, you can indulge in your breakfast juice drink, knowing that you have done the two most powerful things that you can do for your health and appearance in just a short time before you start your day!