Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The big exercise "apparatus" mistake!

Many years ago, the big debate in health and fitness was this:

All agreed that both exercise and nutrition were crucial in attaining maximum fitness.

The big debate was between those that thought that non-apparatus based exercise was the best way to train (Maxalding exercise, Farmer Burns, and Charles Atlas spring to mind in this camp!), and those that insisted that apparatus was the best way-(this would be Bob Hoffman of the York Barbell era, Joe Weider later, and many others)...

Nowadays, the man or woman on-the-street would all concur that yes- weight training, meaning machines, cables, spring-exercisers, and every infomercial crazy gizmo that anyone has ever thought of it the proper, scientific way to train!

Even cardiovascular work
has fallen into this mind-set, since the gym I pass by most days on the way home from work has people running/walking...on treadmills!

As for diet, this question of how to obtain the best nutrition has never really even come up!
The consensus is to just, .... eat a really healthy diet! Fruits, vegetables, and meat, and, uh, other stuff too!

I think this mindset has the whole problem backwards!

Exercise needs NO apparatus!

Training via the Transformetrics method, utilizing Dynamic Visualized Resistance, Isometrics, and "Power" calisthenics is the ultimate, preferable way to train!

Apparatus, ie. weights, machines, cables, treadmills, bicycles, etc. etc. etc... are not only inferior, but usually counterproductive, resulting in injuries and damage out of all proportion to their initially perceived benefits!

Contrarily, apparatus is crucial for maximum nutrition!!

Take the Vitamix blender:

With this simple "apparatus"
fruits, vegetables, and proteins are all made instantly available to your body, without cooking, without unnecessary added starches and sugars, and in a form easily consumed and enjoyed!

So- get rid of your useless exercise "gizmos"... have a yard sale, sell that junk on eBay, whatever! Exercise using your own body as resistance! (What a concept!)

And use the proceeds to buy a Vitamix blender!!

Your health will thank you!


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Jay said...

Jaymo, you are so right! Kudos!