Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to do the Juice Drink Stragegy... WITHOUT the juice drink!

Lots of folks tell me

"Jay, I'd love to try The Juice Drink Strategy to garner the weight loss and health benefits, but I just don't want to spend money to buy a Vitamix blender, darn you!"

I sympathize- It's hard to invest in something, when you don't know absolutely that your results will pay off!

Let me tell you now: they will! In a big way!! You would pay thousands of dollars if you could experience, beforehand, just how you would feel and look after following the prescriptions outlined in The Juice Drink Strategy!

But, there is a way to "preview" the advantages, without spending a cent!

Firstly, just cut out all carbohydrates from flour products: (chips, bread, snack foods, etc.)

Next, resolve to eat a Barbarian Diet:

Lean meats and seafood in unlimited amounts

Fruits and vegetables in unlimited amounts

Dairy products and eggs and nuts (excluding cashews and peanuts!) in reasonable amounts...
Actually, probably more than you currently eat! (3 or more eggs per day is not unreasonable).

Check out this excellent blogsite for great recipes:

If you follow these instructions, you will gain about 60-70% of the benefits derived from following The Juice Drink Strategy to the letter! And, that is way better than what you are probably achieving with the average Western diet...

The downsides will be only that it is far less convenient, more work, and of course the results will be somewhat less...

But still, it is a great starting place!!

Follow the Barbarian diet, without the Vitamix for a while!

The results will speak for themselves. And the results will convince you!!

in postscript, I hasten to add that you should NOT neglect the exercise portion of The Juice Drink Strategy!

Go to www.

These are the basic DVR, or Dynamic Visualized Resistance exercises that you should begin doing on a daily (or near-daily) basis!

There is your "free" preview of the results you will achieve when following The Juice Drink Strategy.

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