Sunday, November 18, 2007

Audio-input for life!

I have spent the evening exploring how to increase the links on this oh-so-popular blog, and the keywords, so that even more viewers would be drawn, like so many moths, to the beacon of my blog. I have uploaded the site to; and hope that that will bring in many more of you, dear reader.

But, I was thinking how, of all technological advances, what has helped me the very most, is that of audio podcasts.

Each day, as I carry my route, or work out, or just drive on my commute or... anywhere at all!- I listen to my ipod.

That's right,
although my vehicles might be from ages past, I also have little speakers that, with my trusty ipod plugged into: give me universal, worldwide, internet/radio coverage.

I rejoice in listening again to Steve Dahl! I started listening to Steve as I started my postal career, 30 years ago.... he was also starting his career, in Chicago on the LOOP station.

He was funny then, and still is now. He's on for 5 hours daily, on JACK FM in Chicago... I recommend just going to itunes- and subscribing to the (free) Steve Dahl podcast.

You will be so glad you did.

And you'll enjoy Buzz, and PETE, too!)

The other audio enhancement to your life would be...


AM RADIO- he is REALLY easy to find.

And essential... Rush is the Will Rogers of our time.
You can't even understand our times without factoring in RUSH!
The similarities between these two talk radio guys- Rush Limbaugh and Steve Dahl, are very telling:

Both were attracted to radio in their early teens. Both had weight problems... and both developed mesmerizing abilities to relay their lives and ideas via their radio voices.
Kind of an overcompensation type of response to certain shortcomings, they built up an invisible voice that they instinctively knew was what they needed...

A radio voice that channeled their strengths, and eliminated the source of their self-perceived failings.

Rush Limbaugh=Steve Dahl

Too bad, I know they think they are antithetical-
Each would HATE the other...

But, that is only because.. Steve Dahl and Rush Limbaugh are almost identical!

Separated at birth...?

I think Steve would benefit from taking up cigar smoking...

It's a legal vice,
that he could enjoy without exploiting his other, forbidden diversions.

It would be like a taco bell moment, without calories!

I think Buzz and Chef Hans would also fall into line, and love Steve's diversion into Vintage pleasures!


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