Saturday, November 3, 2007


This may be a brief detour from the "Wonderful World of Fitness" for a moment but a worthwhile one at that-

As the son of two professional musicians and an amateur musician myself, what kind of music, (similar to what kind of exercise) do I consider to be the very best?

Answer: vocal only music, usually in 3 to 5 parts!


The answer is very simple.


Because it is the most pure, elemental, and basic form of music. All musical instruments are just approximations of the human voice; with the ability to amplify it, alter it, and otherwise mess with and to try to enhance the human voice.

Usually, though, the effect is more like when you attend a concert and the volume is up WAY TOO HIGH.... (Sound familiar?) The whole performance is wrecked.

When you hear a good performance of pure acapella vocal music sans musical instrumental accompaniment, you are hearing music in it's purest, most elemental form.

Real music. Ancient music. Music without additives.

Here is a sample I think you'll like from the Isaacs, a family group consisting of the mother, two daughters and son. Pure and simple.

No trans fats. No refined, bleached flour. No sugar.

Pure Music!

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