Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grill LOTS for maximum nutrition!

OK, I am really onto the idea of grilling LOTS of meat and stuff, so I am fully STOCKED for the week!

I figure, since my time is so short, wouldn't it make sense, when grilling, to grill more than just a ... steak?  Yes, it would!  I mean, the coals are all hot and all...

So, "Tonight, tonight" (I"ll upload this after this so you know what a groovy 50's song I'm alluding to!), I grilled:

1. bacon
2. a steak

Meanwhile, barbarian Jane (Me Tarzan!) was inside, pan-frying mushrooms in grass-fed butter, and also green beans in butter...

The steak was really, really great tonight, tonight!  As were the butter-soaked accompaniments, aka green beans and mushrooms. 
Think of the nutrients!  Think of how a barbarian forebear would have been uber-pleased by such a meal!!

BUT, I also have a pound and 1/2 of bacon to parsel out over the next week...  just a quick microwave whilst the eggs cook...

something to REALLY SAVOR!!

Moral of the story? 

GRILL your bacon!  No mess, no fuss, and GREAT flavor!

AND, WHY would you need-

Toast, potatoes, or any other basically TASTELESS FILLERS to this amazing blend of primary flavors?

Answer: you DON'T! 

You are just PROGRAMMED to think you need those (empty, basically flavorless things)!

Just go for the REAL DEAL-

FATS, Proteins, vegetables, and fruits...

Starch is just like eating mud- you need to put lots of FILLER, like jam, peanut butter or other sugars on top or else it would take like nothing!!

The answer is to just...

ELIMINATE the carbs/sugar/flour/bread/potatoes!!

All that they add is disease, in the form of diabetes, heart disease, and probably cancer as well!

Good reasons to "stick to the basics" in foods- NO FILLERS!

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