Friday, January 7, 2011

New advice on barbarian living, paleo style!

I thought I'd write a post for my brother, Ron, who shall otherwise remain nameless, protecting his identity...

A few things I've learned, since writing the famous Juice Drink Strategy, the cornerstone of most nutritional libraries are these cogent points:

Eliminate all fruit juices from the drink- they are just sucrose = sugar!  Ditch them all- orange, apple, pineapple- whatever!  They are horrible!  Use REAL fruit instead; berries are the best. (Low glycemic load, best ancillary nutrient profile)
Each day, I add a rather small amount of mixed frozen fruits, mixed frozen berries, frozen cherries, one peeled orange or grapefruit, and 1/2 of a banana.  (I've taken to freezing the bananas upon purchase, cut into halves and peeled, to avoid them over-ripening and overloading their sugar content)

What I've ADDED to the drink:
one FULL can of coconut milk- this is key- it increases the satiety level of the drink immensely; also, coconut milk, which includes the oil, is a VERY healthy fat- something lacking hugely in our modern diet.  Trust me on this- coconut milk is key to "leaning out" and getting healthy!

Cod liver oil!!  I personally think this is the MOST important ingredient of all- Vitamin D, vitamin K; you name it- it's like eating liver AMPLIFIED!

Kelp- comes in a powder- just about a tsp. adds a HUGE nutritional wallop!

Green tea- instead of juice, to let the mixture "mix"- also, great nutritionally.

Of course, the frozen spinach and mixed frozen vegetables (brocolli, cauliflower, carrots) are still the mainstay of the drink- about half of the Vitamix canister should be devoted to them each day!

My latest additions are lemon juice, about a Tablespoon, and apple cider vinegar, also 1 TBLSPN.  Both will do wonders to normalize your blood sugar, and enhance your nutrient profile.

OK- this is the PERFECT BREAKFAST!  Fire up your Vitamix each day, drink this drink, and you are the healthiest Barbarian pounding on the gates of Rome that anyone has ever seen!  And make no mistake: America is turning into a modern Rome! We are slip-sliding into corruption and decadence, and it is awful to watch.  Obama is like our modern Nero.

Do you know what the good, traditional Romans did when the corrupt politicos had taken over?  They LEFT Italy, they went out to the countryside, bought estates in the hinterlands, like Spain, and set up self-sufficient communities... which eventually became the feudal beginnings of Medieval Europe, as Rome collapsed.

Rural America is our current "hinterlands". 

Rural Cabins are the future!

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