Monday, January 17, 2011

Primal, paleo, healing diet- why all different?

Here is the way I usually start my day. (After exercising, that is!)  It's actually a double espresso that I make in my "Aerobie" coffee press, topped with real, organic whipped cream (whipped via Kitchenaid mixer in background), sweetened slightly with stevia, and sprinkled with the excellent anti-oxidant cinammon!    And then, of course, my trusty barbarian smoothie, that actually satisfies just about every nutritional need of my body for the entire day!  But you all know about that, from prior posts...

Today, I thought I'd write an answer to my tiny little brother, who shall remain nameless.  He emailed me from his iPhone, asking about Dr. Josh Axe, who along with Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint, and Robb Wolfe and his Paleolithic Solution, and Loren Cordain and his Paleo Diet- well, they are all somewhat the same, BUT they also all have their differences.  When you really start getting into eating in this natural way that our forebears ate for many thousands of years, well, you just want to get it right!

The point is, all of these "gurus of health" are way more similar than they are different.  Although Josh Axe is biblically based, and so eliminates pork and shellfish from his healing diet, and also includes beans, otherwise he is quite paleo/primal.  Loren Cordain says "No" to dairy, and Mark Sisson says grass fed butter and heavy cream are great.  Robb Wolfe loves coffee, and Dr. Axe says it's bad.  

The truth is, everyone will come up with their own version.  The Barbarian Diet works for me- I imagine I am a Germanic or Celtic barbarian, living on the outskirts of decadent Rome, eating the way my forebears always ate, but learning from the Romans without being sucked into their self-destructive civilized ways.  So, dairy is fine for me, at least with grass fed cows.  I don't drink milk, but enjoy butter, full fat cheese and kefir, yogurt, and cream.

The one thing is, eliminate all fake, processed, manufactured foods!
This means things like margarine, corn oil, all hydrogenated fats like Crisco (cottonseed oil!  Are we equipped to eat cotton plants??), and all wheat, flour, and sugar!!  

Sugar is the "fertilizer of cancer".  Flour turns immediately into sugar, right in your mouth! Think about your dental health with this one...

Also, eliminate all medications.  They ALL have really bad, long-term side effects; this includes so-called "benign" drugs like aspirin!  Tylenol is poison to your liver, and the Statin drugs are the worst!  One side effect of statins is cancer! Quite a "side effect"!

Oh yes, all soda pop is just awful- this includes "diet" pops, with chemical artificial sweeteners.  

So, it really is pretty simple- eat like your great great great grandparents ate- real food.  You won't believe how much better you'll look, feel, and perform!

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