Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Hunt!

Right now, I am grilling!
There is a rainstorm outside; I know very well, since I was out in it!  
Why, you may ask?  Well, on Sundays I like to work out "heavy", meaning in the basement.  I use my power rack to press against full-out in "aerobic isometrics", doing slow, isometric-type movements that simulate chins, dips, and military presses, against a bar at various levels in the rack.  Usually now for one minute at a time "under load".  Strenuous, to say the least!

I also do elevated, full-range pushups on chairs, chins and dips for high reps, leg lifts, hyper-extensions, grip work, and hack squats, leaning far back in the rack to take the strain off my knees (and glutes!), leg raises, and a few other weird exercises that I promise I will detail at length soon! (I really like them, and they work very well for me!)  They are good at alleviating "injury-prone" zones, and work the muscle well, and quickly- the whole deal takes me about 35 to 40 minutes total. 
I wind up with Tim Ferris' )of Four Hour Body fame's kettle bell swings- I do 75 reps, as he recommends, and have for some time now.  I have a kettle bell I built out of pipe, which is adjustable, and it really is the bomb!
If there is one exercise to get the whole body, this is it!!
Then, I did bare-foot sprinting in the yard; about 50 yards at a time.  It had started raining, and I almost gave it up, but then- Hey!  the rain feels kind of good on my bare shoulders- very cooling!

My point in all of this?

I have vegetable shish kebabs grilling right now.  I will add grass-fed beef filets and scallops shortly.  I am sipping red wine as I write this post...

I feel great, and I know NOTHING I do this coming week will
be even one iota as hard!!

I think this is a valuable point: after exerting yourself really hard; giving it your ALL, it puts everything else in modern life in perspective.  

The stresses we all undergo each week, after simulating the HUNT as I just did- the chase, the kill, the sheer physical exertion that our ancestors necessarily underwent, and that we should for our own physical (and mental!) well being-

Well, our modern stressors are put into perspective.  Very underwhelming; almost easy in comparison.  

And now, I will really enjoy the feast!

Time to go baste the vegetables in coconut oil, tribespeople!

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