Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The perfect spice: BACON!

Grass fed burgers, beef filets, and the "spice"!

I have gotten into what I feel is a very positive habit; that of grilling about a weeks' worth of meat on my day off, usually Sunday.  But, today being a rainy Wednesday, I enjoyed putting this little ensemble together!

The thing about bacon is, it is relatively cheap, it adds a lot of good fat, which adds a LOT of great flavor, and it goes with anything- fish, fowl, beef, or even PORK! (fancy that!)

And afterwards, after you've eaten some of the meat for supper, you have a lot of bacon to save! (If you've eaten some already, fine... but I usually save most of it).

Along with your morning (free range!) eggs, you now have grilled bacon to heat up briefly in the microwave!  Trust me- this makes for a breakfast that you will dream about.  Just add some coffee with real whipped cream, sweetened with stevia and topped with cinnamon, and you are not only fortified for many hours that day, but also loaded down with beneficial nutrients!
Add in a Paleo smoothie, and you might not have to eat at ALL that day, if you get too busy!  (And I guarantee you won't miss the toast, muffin, or whatever other harmful filler you used to think was necessary!)

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Anonymous said...

I am concerned that this diet isn't completely balanced. You should have some whole grains in there.