Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cheap Beer on the barbarian/paleo diet

OK, this is a biggie post:

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, somehow is fixated on alcohol, and how it fits into Paleo diet!

I don't know; it seems to be a fixation- "How can I justify drinking alcohol in my new, obviously improved, massively functional diet of Barbarian eating??

My own recommendation: don't worry about it!

(this is after massive, huge, and intensive research... REALLY!)

It appears that alcohol basically just... RETARDS your fat burning!

Whilst you drink it, your body just preferentially burns alcohol as fuel...

no insulin spike, nothing really bad...

Just a "preferential burning" of a really cool fuel, til it's gone.

Then, back to burning fats! (If you've made the barbarian transition to being a fat burner!)

What would be bad, is if you drank Coke, or other soda pops of nightmare sugared ingredients!

Also, if you drink CHEAP beer, it appears you are better off!!

Cheap beer, aka Blatz, Pabst, Hamms, and their ILK, are all mainly brewed from Corn- much less in terms of anti-nutrients.

My fave, Guinness, is probably the WORST because of all the intense barley involved...

But, even that, I opine, is probably NOT THAT BAD for a barbarian!

If you dial in the REST of your diet:  NO grains, no sugar, ample grass fed meats (preferably), seafood (sardines are ideal!), lots of vegetables, some fruits, and ample good fats (pastured butter, whole cream, and coconut milk and oil) you are FINE!!

So drink up, and imagine how you are going to destroy the Roman empire, since you aren't going to eat their grain-based, nutrient deficient diet, and so will be able to take them DOWN!!

The essence of being a barbarian is to be able to take what is GOOD from civilization, and yet retain the best of our barbarian, ancestral knowledge!

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