Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oil Pulling, and coconut oil period!

I have been "pulling" coconut oil for about a month or so...

Just swishing it around in my mouth, as I take my shower each morning.

I first run the coconut oil, food grade!, in the little bottle I 've purchased, through the microwave for a minute-

When it is liquid, I :

massage a palm-full through my hair!

Put a "shot-glass" full into my mouth- and start SWISHING it around!

After my shower is almost completed, I:

1. Put shampoo on my coconut-covered head, and shampoo it out!
2. Spit the coconut oil in my mouth into the toilet! ( It would clog the sink pipes- it is that RICH!)

Then, I take the coconut oil, put about a tsp. into my palm, and put it on my face and neck- and then, I shave, needing NO shaving cream, since this coconut oil is FAR more lubricating than anything you've ever experienced!!

I also put a full can of coconut milk into my "Barbarian Juice Drink" each morning, and this lubricates me from the "inside out"- no more dry skin!!

"OIL CAN!!" as the TinWoodman was wont to say...

We are meant to eat medium chain fatty acids, as represented by Coconut oil!!

Carbs are the problem- NOT FATS!!!

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